What you need to know to play poker the Texas Hold’em way

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Texas Hold’em poker remains a popular and permanent fixture of the online poker world. Prior to this, this thrilling variant of poker dominated the screens of gambling enthusiasts in the form of televised poker. Though it follows the basic poker format, Texas Hold’em has its own quirks and special features that make it very attractive to gamblers all over the world. There are no prizes for guessing which state in the US this version of poker originated in. There are usually big prizes to be won when you choose to play Texas Hold’em poker online, however.

First things first: what does ‘Hold’em’ mean?

There are various types of ‘Hold’em’ poker available to play. Texas Hold’em is not the only format; another popular Hold’em variant is Omaha Hold’em, for instance. The phrase Hold’em refers to the fact that in these poker variants, a set of communal cards are dealt out onto the table. In Texas Hold’em rules, two communal cards are dealt face up on the table and players use these to create a hand alongside the individual cards that the dealer supplies to each player (and which players keep secret from each other). Hold’em poker is also synonymous with high stakes poker. When you play Texas Hold’em online, you can bet as much as you like – even your entire stash of chips.

What is a good strategy for playing Texas Hold’em?

The aim of the game with this poker variant is to use a combination of the communal cards and the cards in your hand to create the best possible hand that you can. The best poker hand of all time is the Royal Flush, which consists of a straight flush of cards ending in an Ace. Other good hands include a straight flush of five consecutive cards, four of a kind and a full house. Throughout the session of Texas Hold’em, you can choose to exchange cards or hold your ground to try and get the edge over your opponents. The communal cards in the centre of the table will, by a simple process of elimination, tell you which cards cannot be included in the other players’ hands.

Been dealt a bad hand in Texas Hold’em? All is not lost

If you have been dealt a poor hand in a game of Texas Hold’em, you can fall back on that other time honoured resource of the poker player: you can bluff. Keep that poker face straight and act as if you have got the best hand in the world. Keep wagering large amounts (as long as it is appropriate in terms of your overall strategy) and bluff your way through the game until the other players quit or fold. Then, simply rake in that stake. Just be prepared for some frustrated reactions when your fellow gamblers find out that you had been bluffing all along.

Play Texas Hold’em online today

Texas Hold’em poker is an extremely popular fixture in online casinos. There is sure to be a live dealer game of Texas Hold’em beginning soon. These live dealer games are immersive and exciting, and enable you to challenge other gamblers right across the globe. Additionally, casinos also provide plentiful computer generated casino table games, which enable you to play Texas Hold’em ‘against the computer’ if you prefer. Work out your strategy, control your tells, gather your digital chips and get ready for the thrills and spills of one of the most popular poker variants both in the online and the offline worlds.