No Poker Face? No Problem! – Live Casino Games

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If you’re a regular player at online casinos, you may have noticed the rising trend with live dealer casino games cropping up all over the place. We’re now looking at a fast-growing selection of live casino games available from all the big web casino brands… and we love it! We created this article to share some of the excitement with you, so read on!

So what’s the deal with live dealer casino entertainment? Is this just a fad, or an exciting new industry-wide hallmark? Spoiler alert: we’re really inclined to say live casino games online are here to stay… and they might just become the future standard of web casino games. Read through this article to learn our thoughts on the matter, as well as getting some insight on the types of live dealer casino games most typically available.

What’s so Great about Live Dealer Casino Games?

Playing casino games online is great fun! Compared to the environment of an actual casino it can be much easier to focus on the actual games – and thus turns odds to your advantage – since there are no unnecessary distractions, loud noises, or flashy crowds chipping away at your attention. However, the traditional web casino experience can also get a little awkward and lonely, since you’re effectively playing against a machine or just looking at nicknames of other players.

This is where live dealer casino games are really shaking things up for the best in this industry. Through this novelty, you can get the best of both worlds by still being able to play in a focused environment from the comfort of your home or anywhere else you please – but unlike traditional online casino games, live casino games actually provide you with an actual breathing living person to interact with in real time.

In case you haven’t yet tried a live dealer casino experience, the concept is very straightforward; essentially you’re looking at a professional dealer on camera who looks and behaves exactly like a typical dealer would in any real-world casino. You can watch as your cards are shuffled and dealt by an actual human being (rather than a computer program), you can chat with the dealer in real-time, and often you even get to choose to look at the action from different camera angles.

The live games are of course recorded in real time as you watch; to all effects and purposes the experience is just like what you would get from a conventional offline casino, minus all the distractions, noise, and the requirement for you to actually dress up and get out of the house. Even though you watch clear high definition footage of the dealer in real time, you’re not required to show yourself on camera, which means you’re still entitled to your privacy; it also means you don’t have to worry about putting on your best poker face!

To access live dealer games, you can just connect to your favoured casino and look for the “live games” section which is nowadays available from most big brands. You should be able to find live versions of all the popular casino games, as detailed in the next section.

Most Popular Live Casino Games Already Available!

Most online casinos offering live dealer games will usually feature live versions of all of their most popular games, including live dealer blackjack, live dealer roulette, and live dealer baccarat. These are clearly the most popular live games since essentially all big casino brands are hosting them right now. For more information on the respective games and where they can be played, check out this site.

When it comes to live dealer poker, we noticed it’s definitely getting more widespread recently. In fact, it’s now expectable to find several poker variants available in the live games section of most big brand web casinos, including favourite games like hold’em and three card poker.

If you enjoy playing dice games, it shouldn’t be hard to find casinos serving live sic bo games, if you look around for a bit.

How to Start Playing Live Dealer Casino Games Right Now!

Just a few years ago, live games were usually available only through the actual casino websites (as opposed to their mobile versions) since these live games do require a steady Internet connection and somewhat advanced software.

With the recent developments in both mobile computing technologies as well as online casino platforms, you can now play these live games easily from just about any mobile device using your favourite casino app – or in some cases directly from the web browser, since the latest HTML5 technology works very fluidly across all kinds devices which means there is no need for any downloads or a separate app.

Are you looking to experience the future of online casinos right now? To get started playing live dealer games, you just have to check your favoured online casinos for the “Live games” section or follow some of our recommendations here. Have fun, and good luck!