Tips and strategies to get beat the final table in online poker tournaments

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Reaching the final table in any poker variant is a dream come true. The prize is multiple times more than the regular cash out. However, without a final table poker strategy, winning is almost impossible.

The final table is you chance to prove your poker wits, skills and take a big bag of cash home. After a couple of hours of play and you have successfully ended up in the final 9, it is time to utilise a practical final table tournament tactic.

It might take long periods of time, from several weeks to months for you to qualify. Therefore, it is advisable to have a sure final table poker strategy. Here are our online poker tournament tips.

Final table tournament tips

Scan the table and keep track of everyone

  • Keep your eyes open for your opponents’ facial expressions. At the beginning of the game is when you can come up with a plot. Identify the players who can be able to steal and re-steal from.
  • Consider who you should avoid, during the game. Be more on the look out for the last 3 tables. The main things to be cautious about are unusual bet sizes, bluffs and aggression.
  • Distinguish who is playing to win from opponents who are in the game just to climb the pay scale. Play many hands with mild opponents and spare your premium holdings for big bets only.

Manage the stack

  • Money management is a necessary skill in poker. People who can manage their money in poker are the ones who last the longest.
  • If you have a small stack, the best option is to try and double up as fast as you can. Staying with a small stack in the hopes of earning little by little puts you at the risk of going out first when the blinds finish your stack.
  • If you have a big stack, go for opponents with the small stacks, who cannot put up a fight when you raise or go in.
  • Avoid opponents who have the same or more stack than you.
  • Stacks that are 12 to 17 times more than the big blind are perfect for re-stealing. If an aggressive player has a re-steal stack and you have a premium hand, jump at the opportunity and induce them to go all in.
  • Keep track of your stack size, based on the blinds and antes. Calculate and know how many times you can go through the blinds before your stack gets depleted.

Understand the basics of Independent Chip Model (ICM)

  • The Independent Chip Model represents your equity, grounded on the stack size of the remaining opponents and the payout arrangement.
  • Doubling your chip stack does not automatically multiply your prize pool equity.
  • Practise ICM calculations on software programs like ICMIZER 2.

Polish your Heads-Up Play

  • To win the tournament and take the first place prize, you will have to beat your last opponent at Heads-Up.
  • If you are used to full-table games only, some head-to-head practice with a friend can help you to adjust.
  • Ensure that you are fully familiar with the relative strength of hands in heads-up situations.

Evade confrontations

Remember that your opponents are also trying to induce you into actions that put them in better positions. Extreme aggressiveness on the final table is usually accompanied by motives. Instead, play a tighter game.

Do not confuse patience with playing slow

Being patient and not jumping to raise is considered wise in poker. -But since you cannot see your opponents’ cards, sometimes being aggressive and exerting pressure can be a good thing.

Do not take it too seriously

Overthinking is a poor final table tournament tactic. Before making a move, listen to your instincts then use your mind to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of making that particular move.

Winning first place in any poker tournament requires an outstanding play at the final table. The online poker tournament tips we have listed can make a significant difference!