In the last decade online poker has gone from strength to strength. There are now a vast array of online poker rooms to choose from. The table is virtual, the dealer a software programme. You will still play real players with real money.

Online poker requires a different set of skills, than poker played face to face in a physical environment Wherever you decide to play poker, you will need a good knowledge of the particular type of poker you are going to play.

The rules of the game.

Poker has many different types. Texas Hold’Em is the most played online poker game. It is one of the easier poker games to learn.

  • Every player is dealt two face down cards, called hole cards. No one can see your hole cards. You cannot see anyone else’s hole cards.
  • Another three cards are dealt face up, they are called the flop.
  • A single card, called the turn is dealt face up.
  • Finally a single card, called the river is dealt face up.
  • In between each round of dealing the players can place a stake in the pot, they can also fold and retire. After the River round of betting, the players remaining in the game reveal their hole cards. The highest ranking hand takes the pot.
  • The Flop, the Turn and the River remain face up on the table. As each is dealt you can create different hands by combining you hole cards with three from the table.

In a nutshell that’s Texas Hold’Em.

What makes a good online poker site.

In 2005 the Government legalised online gambling in the U.K. Playing in an online poker room became a reality. U.K. based poker players can gamble in safety, knowing that the Gambling Commission are keeping a close eye on U.K. registered online poker sites.

You can rest assured their is no criminal involvement with registered sites and the software used will have undergone intensive examination. Your money will be secure and unavailable for use in running the site.

Any non U.K. based company, that wants to advertise their poker products in the U.K. must gain a licence, from the Gambling Commission.

Aside from the safety of your money and the trustworthiness of the software, what else makes for a good online poker experience? Clear graphics, simple controls and rapid switching between tables are a must.

Get a bonus.

Many online poker sites will offer you a bonus when you register with them. Most likely they will match the first deposit, you make into your account, up to a set limit. If the limit is high, a greater number of hands will have to be played before you can access the bonus. A Lower limit on the bonus will usually mean you can get it quicker.

Tips to help you play poker online.

The following tips will help you begin to create a set of tools and gain some knowledge, to help improve your online poker game.

The other players.

The big difference in playing poker online and playing in a physical establishment, is your inability to see the other players. The subtle non verbal cues, available in a face to face game, are entirely absent.

Make up for this by purchasing software that enables you to track other players. Imagine how useful it can be to have a back history of your opponents hands and betting decisions, all displayed on screen, integrated with the sites graphic user interface.

How many tables?

As many as you can comfortably manage. The size and quality of the monitor or screen that you use to view your online poker games on is important. Is it big enough to display all the tables you want to play? Tables can overlap if the screen is to small. Are the face up cards clear and can you distinguish the numbers and suits of each easily.

If you want to collect regular winnings stay on the low stakes tables. You have more chances of winning. If you lose on a high stakes table you can lose big.

The good the bad and you.

Some sites have large numbers of inexperienced players, for the more experienced players, finding a site like this, can be a source of easy wins.

If Raking in the cash is not the be all and end all of playing online poker to you, look for a site that has links to poker tournaments. You may have the opportunity to play against seasoned veterans of the game. Who knows? You could make it all the way to the finals of a world famous poker tournament.

Know your bank roll.

You may not have a real roll of cash, but you need to be sure that your available credit can cover the number of games you want to play, there is nothing worse than going bust, holding good hole cards, because you can’t afford the stake.

It’s all in the hand.

Learn the ranking of hands for your chosen poker type. Learn it off by heart. Be certain that it matches with the ranking of the site you are using.

Under the gun.

Where you are in the order of dealing can determine whether you fold or bet. Being dealt to first (Under the Gun) is not ideal. All your betting decisions have to be made, with no knowledge of what the other players will do. The last to be dealt too, has the advantage of seeing all the other players moves, before they make their own.

Before you play poker online.

Some poker sites offer games with no real money involved. Take the time to find one. Practice playing your chosen game and get familiar with the user interface.

Dealing, betting and pay outs happen much more rapidly in online poker rooms. Combined with playing multiple tables, makes it essential that you have an idea of what you are doing, before putting real money on the virtual table.